A staple for any kind of occasions. Camps, hall stay and even for your daily commute- You name it, we print it. Available for customisation from the lanyard’s strap colour down to even the hooks and buckles so feel free to customise to your desired look!

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Black, Cool Grey 6, Cool Grey 8, Flag Red, Lanyard Yellow, Orange (Lanyard), PMS 021, PMS 032, PMS 1235, PMS 1355, PMS 1795, PMS 186, PMS 193, PMS 208, PMS 212, PMS 226, PMS 249, PMS 252, PMS 2607, PMS 281, PMS 289, PMS 293, PMS 3015, PMS 3278, PMS 3302, PMS 348, PMS 354, PMS 361, PMS 382, PMS 425, PMS 471, PMS 478, PMS 485, PMS 7481, PMS 809, PMS 877, Process Blue, Reflex Blue, Warm Grey 1, White, Yellow 142


Airplane Buckle, Buckle Release 1, Buckle Release 2, Gold Buckle Release, Keyring, Safety Buckle, Swivel Buckle


Black Steel Hook, D Hook, J Hook, Lobster Claw, Lobster Claw with Keyring, Rebar Hook, Smiley Face Plastic Tag


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