Totebag Art Jamming Kit Tutorial

Do you easily get bored? Why not bring your friends and family together for a fun time by expressing your wildest thoughts and dreams through painting on a totebag? I challenge you to proudly show off your creation in public for at least two weeks.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, it can be a fun experience to see how simple shapes can evolve into a visual image. We’ve received many requests from customers for a simple tutorial on how to create beautiful images by combining shapes and color wheels.

Our tutorial will consist of four parts, which will show you how to effectively draw your desired design. The series will cover topics such as Lines and Shapes, Design Principles, Acrylic paint and Mixing, and lastly, getting your hands dirty!


For those short on time, I’ve put together a user-friendly brochure outlining the steps to prepare, paint, and care for your totebag.


Lines and Shapes

Design Principles: Combining Lines and Shapes

Introduction to Acrylic Paint, Mixing Paint and Drawing (Using Paper)

Drawing and Painting Directly Onto Your Totebag